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Signature Collection Crystal Candle Large Pink


Natural fancy scented soy wax candles handmade in Brussels with Eco responsible and nontoxic ingredients. Our large Signature Collection candles are topped with quality natural stones with properties aligning to the mood, and containing inside a mystery pocket crystal (it’s the crystal that choses you, in this case quite literally) that is revealed after just a few hours of burning time.

Safe Space with the relaxing scent of Cotton flower & Iris, to get you in that self-care mood right away. It is meant to help with anxiety and stress, and provide protection against negative energy. It is topped with biodegradable glitter, mini (aventurine, rose quartz, tourmaline) and medium (amethyst) crystals.


These candles contains a surprise medium pocket size crystal, chosen with intuition. To keep the surprise fully, I didn’t keep track of where what crystal was hidden, so there is a risk even if it is unlikely to get twice the same crystal if you order 2 or more candles from the Signature Collection. Some of these crystals are protected in recycled aluminium foil as they might not love being submerged. Just make sure to take the pouch when the wax is melted enough and keep the aluminium away from the flame.

Burning time over 70 hours, glass container with Marble effect.

As every product that is handmade, they will all look different to a certain extent (different stones and sometimes a slightly lighter/darker colour). It is what makes them unique and why we love natural handcrafted products so much.


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